Change the scale of the view in the new sheet

Hello everyone.

I’m working on a new routine and I need to pick one of the elements of my project and then create a new view where the element is isolated, and afterwards to put this on a new sheet. The view must be in the middle and its scale must adapt to the scale of the sheet (Title Block). It should work with all the Title Blocks.
What I need help with is:

  1. When I try to change the centre of the viewport, I choose a point that is in the middle of the Title Block, depending on the parameters “Width” and “Height”. The problem is that it doesn’t run at first try, I have to click twice to make it run properly.
  2. I need to adapt the scale of the view to the sheet, depending on the different Title Blocks.

I attach images of my routine.

Thank you

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The name of the packages in use is needed, for instance for the Element.PermanentlyIsolateInView node. I can see two similar nodes in my library: Isolate in View (archilab) and View.TemporarilyIsolateElement (Clockwork). It could be worth to check if they give better results in your case. Since there are several issues, I would advise to first type your keywords in the search field in order to refine them one by one with references, so that we won’t repeat what has been exposed already…

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