Change the parameter value of Conceptual Mass (2D Section) using Dynamo

Hi there,
my name is Philip and I am new to the Dynamo world.
I already drew the 2D Section in Revit, placed it according to the coordinates in the Excel file and filled the Solid using Solid. by Loft. Now, I am going to change the size of the 2D Sections placing in each coordinates based on the value in the same Excel File. Is it possible to change the parameter value of Conceptual Mass in dynamo?

yes, it is possible to manipulate your massing through excel. you can use import excel and filter the values and then push them back to revit

Hi Saeedy, thanks for your reply. What function do I need to use in dynamo in order to push them back to Revit? I have no idea how to link the parameter value to Revit after I used List.GetItemAtIndex to get the value from Excel. Below is the script and 3D view in Revit.

There are a couple of things you need to do before you apply my solution. now you can follow my solution but you have to know how to filter list from excel, I can’t explain it in details–you have to do some digging and understand it by yourself before embarking into modelling. just look at topics related to list manipulation and filtration in dynamo. there are numerous examples in forum as well as in the web. moving forward, you need to do some try and error of assigning parameters and see how that applies to your workflow.

I developed a simple workflow for you, my technique is to tie my shapes or dimensions to parameters, then through those parameters I manage to control or manipulate any shapes. So, based on this simple concept have a look at the attached workflow and try to mimic my strategy and apply it to your project. to apply my workflow, you need orchid package so you can retrieve project parameters and assign values to them like I did.

Good luck

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@philipcheng727 can you pelase select my solution if it solves your problem?

Yeah, sure. Thanks for your answer. I am trying to figure it out.