Change the default length for sheet name for data.exportexcel node

Hi community,

I am using data.exportexcel node. I have noticed the max length for sheet name is 31 characters (due to my company naming convention, we would like to keep our very long naming structure). So is there a way I can increase the default length for the sheet name?

The data.exportexcel node is a default node from dynamo. If I cant change it, is that possible for me to get the function of this node, I mean something can be used to reference if I have to create my own data.exportexcel node.

Thank you !


Have a look at Bumblebee package…

You can dig around inside the nodes to find how they work…

Good luck!


Hi Mark,

Thank you for your reply!

I have tried bumblebee package. The character length for sheet name for BB data node is also 31… And inside that documentation I did not find any settings to change it .

Or you mention something else that I might miss out?


This is an Excel limitation.