Change site in Revit, Export IFC, and then change the site back

Hi there,

I’m trying to figure out if the above subject would be possible to do in Dynamo. But after looking into it, I’ve been struggling to find a node that can change/swap the current site.

It’s these sites I would like to be able to swap using dynamo, and then swap back again after an IFC export:

I hope someone knows a nice package that can help me out with this, or even better if some of you Python magicians can help me out with a custom node.

Thanks a lot in advance,

Hi @Jens_Kaarsholm did you find any solution on this

Hi I had a script with similar workflow, it ask the user to choose the Shared site to export after opening a detached copy of the model so the actuall model stays unchanged, hope the swapping site part can help you build your script. Good luck…:slight_smile:
Export-NWC-IFC&DWFX.dyn (132.1 KB)
Navis_DWFX_IFC-Export-W-SharedSite.dyf (88.5 KB)

Thanks @saju_autodesk for sharing
I was looking to develop for NWC.

I am looking to export NWC for multiple project locations of same file.
Think so will have to rely on python for iterating through all locations.