Change PythonTemplate in Dynamo

Hi all,
lets see this video

im can not do this action because : in folder dynamo core is not exist the file PythonTemplate
whats problem ? my dynamo version is 1.3

I think this is due to come out in version 2.0

yes, may be…
but in this picture version is exactly 1.3 :

While you are correct about that image. The actual merged pull request (my link) is for version 2.0. So no, you do not and will not have this in version 1.3.

If you read the information in the links relating to this PR, you will see that Radu started working on this in the branch for version 1.3.1 which he thought was the next version. This turned out not to be true and he transitioned to version 2.0

so that still for version 2.0 only…