Change Family type of a list of pipe fittings-Error

Hi all I would like to change generic elbow families at once to welded.

I have writen a code as shown below.

Its giving me an error related to ChangeTypeId method.Can somebody help?
Testing.dyn (8.3 KB)

This is the method I am trying to implement.

Can you tell us what the error is?

Have you tried the standard Get and Set Parameter nodes?

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Now changeTypeId for a set of elements is working as I have used Element.ChangeTypeId.
Now the issue I am facing is when we manually try to change certain fittings as shown below, it is giving error.Now I have to filter those elements with errors while converting those without errors.

Drawing and changing types with different connection locations is a huge pain due to this issue. I don’t recommend it unless you have no other alternatives. Can you get by with multiple pipe types using different fittings for your different scenarios?