Change Name of Import Instance

Does anyone know how to change the name of an import instance in Dynamo?
The only way I can distinguish each element from another is via the Name, and I’d rather set the name in Dynamo than select each element in Revit,-Edit Type-Rename.

If you could consider using Direct Shape instead of Import Instance, you’ll be able to specify a name while importing.

I can’t considered using Direct Shape because in this way the element was defined like “import element” and i need the element defined like beam.

Do you know a way to import the surface element like beam?


why don’t you just make Beams? there is a node called Beam.ByCurve give that a whirl

because not all elements are uniform and not all has the same section.

Direct shape does import as Structural Framing (beam)
Delete all the imported instances and run the definition to generate Direct Shapes only