Change Category of Revit Elements Imported from InfraWorks

Hello everyone. Any idea if categories of elements can be changed using Python in Dynamo. I am managing a set of Revit models where elements are imported from InfraWorks. The elements comes in as Generic Models. I need to create CAD files (.dwg) showing plans of these elements but it’s necessary for the CAD files to be organized by layers. I can map the category name to a CAD file layer name but since all elements are under one category, they all end up as one layer name in CAD. I would like to be able to change the category from Generic Models and split to Columns, Structural Framing, Floors etc. so then I can map these new category to different layer names. Any positive feedback will be appreciated.

Hello and welcome to the forum.

I don’t think this is possible
For example, you cannot make a fitting from a generic model in revit. (as far as I know)

If you can’t do this in revit, it’s not possible with Dynamo.

When you work with cad file this may help you?

This tool can convert a cad family into a revit family

Which Revit build are you in? I believe that if you upgrade to the 2022 product line then the import categories will be much more feasible for your needs, to the point of removing the need to modify things after the transfer from Infraworks. The infrastructure categories were increased significantly in the 2022 release.

I heard about that for 2022, unfortunately I’m still at 2020 as per project reqts.

With 2020 entering the last year of support soon, and there being a technical need, now is a good time to ask about upgrading. At this point there isn’t a valid reason not to do so.