Modify Line Style Color

I have found good information on remapping line weights of projection lines for plans, elevations, etc.:

I have also found good information that involves python to set the Line Style Line Pattern:

But I haven’t really found any custom nodes or a good path the leads to modifying the RGB color of a named Line Style. I have software that can run dynamo scripts (or a series of scripts on workshared enabled files) at night when the Revit files are not being accessed:

The goal is to move the lines over to the correct Line Styles with one script then change the Line Style color of the incorrect Line Style to Red (with a second script) - so it shows up red - - as something to correct. I have attached a general version of the script I use to reassign (map) one line style to another. Simple one, “Thin Lines” to “1 - Solid”. I’m sot sure if I’m going to need to use a hybrid with python in it for the color part I am trying to accomplish.
Line Style Remap - Thin Lines.dyn (15.7 KB)

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thanks man, this helped a lot! :heart_eyes: