Change Global Coordinate System

Dear everyone,
I don’t seem to be able to find a way to acquire the global coordinate system rotate it and perform the rest of the functions based on the new coordinate system. I can find ways to create a local coordinate system and transform some elements based on the new cs but what if I want tens of nodes to be performed based on that.

To be more specific, I am using the FamilyFacing.Orientation vector of windows in order to create a number of points. The points have their X, Y coordinates which are based on the global cs. But if the chosen window has a different orientation the former X, Y format of the coordinates no longer applies. Should I rotate the global CS accordingly? Is there another way I should approach it?

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The global CS isn’t editable. Use a Geometry.Transform node which takes a geometry (your points) and applies a coordinate system (for your case I think this should be based on your windows location and likely reversed facing orientation), and puts the points in place.

Share more content (like your graph, some sketches, Revit file, etc.) and I (or others) can likely help more. :slight_smile: