Reading coordinates with respect to newly created coordinate system

I am working on a project, wherein for the survey, I need to keep moving my origin and read the coordinates of the model with respect to the local coordinate system.
However, I should be able to read the coordinates with respect to the global coordinate system also.

So, I need 2 coordinate systems, and I need to take the coordinates of a given model (at corner points) from these 2 coordinate systems. ie. X, Y,Z relative to one coordinate system(global) also. x,y,z with respect to the local coordinate system.
Any help in this respect will be very helpful.

Thanks in Advance…

I would just take the delta in origins into account and do an extra step of calculations.

If origin is 0,0,0 and second origin is at 5,5,5 and the point is at 1,1,1 then the distance from origin to point is 1,1,1. To do the second point I think you can subtract and get the info so in the second origin the distance is -4,-4,-4. If that origin needs to move continually you could make a list instead of 5,5,5 have it run through your list of x,y,z.

It has been a while since I have worked in vectors but I think that holds for any 3-space.

Thank you. But when rotations are involved the calculations get more complicated… Is there any node or other method to have 2 system of references for the same model and output the coordinates from each of them ?

Not sure I am understanding what you are trying to accomplish. Check this thread to see if it helps guide you. They go a bit deeper farther in about setting another location.

Thank you!
It was a very useful reference…