Change Family type based on parameter

I am doing some research trying to find a way to size air terminals using dynamo and coming up short on changing a family type based on an instance parameter. Example is I have a family with 6 types; A6, A8, A10, A12, A14 and A15. Each have their max flows set. I want to create a graph that will change the family type based on the instance parameter flow.

Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me some nodes or packages to check out?

Thanks in advance.

hi @george.kaline

Can you provide the sample file?


Morning George,
as it’s customary in the forum please provide what does your graph looks like so far.

I the mean time you could build a dictionary with the keys being the family name and the values the type.

@Daniel_Hurtubise @blsalvio Thanks for reading. I am still learning about lists and dictionary’s but I feel like I need a custom node to do this. I have done a good amount of research on changing a family type based on a parameter but coming up with nothing.

DIFFUSER sizing.dyn (20.6 KB)

Looks like you’re almost there, what is missing is how understanding how family types are set: they require the element ID of the family type, not the name.


You’ll need to associate your formula name (string) output to the element ID of the associated air terminal family type.