Change Duct Type from Rectangle to Round duct

Dear all,
i am trying to change Duct type from Rectangle to Round duct, see screen shot below.

but its says “Parameter is Read-only”.
any suggestions?


Hi @imran_raj1985,

I think you will have to set another family type instead of changing the “type name” parameter :slight_smile:

To do that, try changing the parameter value from “Type Name” to “Type”.

If that doesn’t work for you please search around on the forum, i’m sure this question has been asked and answered already

@Daan Thanks for response,
i have tried “Type Name” to “Type”, its not working,
and i have already searched on the forum but didn’t get answer.


@imran_raj1985 the value input requires a type, not a string, try it like this, DuctTypes node is from DynaMEP package:


Dear @tradelie ,
i knew it, there is a simple solution but didn’t find Correct node.
this package i don’t have before.
many thanks for support.


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