Change dimensions witness line style across multiple views

We are trying to automate changing a dimensions witness line style across multiple views. We have a method for listing relevant views. We also have managed to find a method that allows us to manually select the dimension element and quickly change the line style. However we’ve not managed to find a way to change the line style across MULTIPLE views. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions on how we could improve our script?

Hello @Dyna-Steven and welcome,try this one here from genius loci instead


Hi @sovitek , Thank you for your reply. I’ve had a go at applying that method using genius loci but we seem to be getting a null output. I’m wondering if this is as a result of the method we’re using to create a list of relevant views?

Hi @Dyna-Steven try as here and see if it better…

Thank you @sovitek that did the trick! Really appreciate your help :slight_smile:

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