Change Conduit Length

Can I change the length of a single conduit via Dynamo? When I try doing it with a SetParameterByName node I get an error because the parameter “Length” is read only, which doesn’t make sense to me at all, since I can change it easily in Revit.

Can you show as a screenshot of the element in Revit (with the Length parameter being modifiable) and your graph (with all node preview bubbles turned on)?

Hi Nick. Thanks for your reply

I can grab the plus sign and strech it to enlarge the conduit length

That’s not the same as the Length parameter being modifiable. As you can see below, it is in fact locked.

Line-based system families like this often have a Length as a reporting parameter. Their geometry/location is dependent on start and end points, not just a length value.

This is because the length parameter is just a simple number, determined by distance between the startpoint of the conduit and the endpoint of the conduit.

I am not really familiar with conduits but maybe you could look into changing the underlying curve or the start/endpoints of the conduit through Dynamo.

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exactly, how can I modify it?

Because you can’t just “modify” the value, it’s usually best to use Dynamo to create a new element with the appropriate location and connections. This is considerably more involved than just updating a single parameter but there are plenty of similar topics on the forum already. The MEPover package is always a good place to start when creating system elements.

Hi @carsosAHL8V,
You can adjust the conduit length as shown below.
You will have to figure out whether to use StartPoint or EndPoint based on your requirement or what conduit end is free. Good luck!
Change Conduit Length.dyn (14.7 KB)


Thank you very much. I was looking for that for long time haha. I couldn’t figure it was that easy

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