Set conduit size builtin parameter

Hello All,

Actually when i face a problem i am sure that i can find my answer in this great place with you guys.

i have an issue with working on dynamo with different languages, i make a script that will be used by our company in different countries and each one has Revit and Dynamo installed in different language, so i decided to use the built in parameter node instead (get value or set value), to not have any issue.

but actually i was trying to do this for changing the conduit size parameter by using Archi-lab package node (Set Builtin Parameter), but i am not able to succeed, there are 2 nodes inside i do not know the difference, anyway when i use the first node to change the codnuit size to 16mm2 nothing happens (not working), and when i use the second node it change the conduit size but with a different value (4877 instead of 16).

i try to analyze by using (Get Builtin Parameter) i found that it is ready value 16 correctly.

then i try to change the size of conduit manually in Revit to 16m2 and i freez the set parameter nodes and only get the value to check, i found it = 0.052 not 16.

can you please tell me whats wrong here? may be it is something related to units, but i changed unit in Revit with Meter or Millimeter but it is also the same result…

A question leading to the answer: How many millimeters in 16 feet?

You’ll likely need to convert the data from project units or the prescribed unit to decimal feet.

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Thank you for your reply, ok it works, but i need to do a lot of modifications in all my scripts which are actually huge.

i need first to convert the 16mm2 from milimeter to feet then put this as input value for the node Set Builtin parameter value, and if i want to get the conduit size i need to convert it again from feet to millimeter as shown below.

but are there no other way to use nodes directly working with milimeter not feet?
i think this question need to be addressed to the package developer (Archilab)

but for the moment it is ok for me, i was stuck in this issue for 1 day, thanks alot :slight_smile: