Change Coarse Scale Fill Color

Can anyone help me, why can’t i change the color of coarse scale fill color trough dynamo??

@nichlas.aa.holm , hello

what are you collecting ?

I’m collecting wall types.

you need to convert color to decimal number

It’s still dont work. :slight_smile:

Hello think @newshunhk is right…spring have a node “color to decimal”;

oh I think something’s wrong with that package.
you can convert using this website:

then manually put the Decimal no. to dynamo

I cant find this node anymore :frowning: don’t know why

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Strange…becoarse it works pretty good here in 2022

here in designscript in a codeblock

oh I got it too :sweat_smile:

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Even when i set it up exactly like you, i still cant get it to work???

Maybe the number change in another project.
Use the node ToDecimal and try again.

Probably the good old 2023 issue have your tried install @solamour bugfix…Error - specTypeId is not a measurable spec identifier? - #17 by scott.tomlinson

I have do the fix and works great for me i havent seen any bugs in Dynamo after that fix…so do exacly what Sol describe if you live on the edge :wink: :wink: as he say :fist_right:

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Glad to here you haven’t had any issues @sovitek :smiley: It’s not expected to have any, but super cool to hear at least one person’s validation!

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I still can’t do it.

Anyone there can help with a python script?? :smiley:
I will take a very long time, if i have to go over all types, just to change color. :smiley: