New To Dynamo- Having trouble creating a script to change certain layers to certain colors

Im new to Dynamo. Im stuck creating a scrip that will change current layer colors to match our color standards. this is what i have so far. any help would be appreciated


By looking at it, you have a an object type feeding into a color node. The color node you have outputs a value to tell you how green it is, this isnt what the SetColor node is looking for. The Set Color node is asking for a color value. If you hold your mouse over the yellow popups, it usually tells you the issue.

That said, if you are trying to set a line to a standard color, you can change the layer to your standard layering system and set the color to ByLayer. @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 created a python script that sets color and line type to ByLayer.
Below I switched up some nodes to show you how to get it working. There are a number of ways to change a color.

Thank you very much! i appreciate the help! this works perfectly.