Modify wall Coarse Scale Fill Pattern

Hello guys,
I am trying to do a very simple exercise, modify Coarse Scale Fill Pattern, modify wall type parameters.
Do you know why my approach is incorrect???Capture

For some reason the Coarse Scale Fill Pattern is working now but not the Coarse Scale Fill Color…
Do you know why???

Hi @BIMadmin

Here is another possible way using OOTB nodes:

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Many thanks KulKul, the pattern is ok, not sure why the color is not working now.

Parameter storage type is double you need to feed double value:

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Thanks KulKul, how can you combine colors?
Anyhow can we convert colours to the right value???

do you know what is the input for no pattern???

The color is hexadecimal. Springs has a Color2Decimal node that will convert it for you.

Thanks Nick, do you know by any chance how to set no pattern???

The attachad definition modify all wall types Coarse Scale Fill Patttern and Coarse Scale Fill Color.

Wall set Coarse Scale Fill Pattern & Color.dyn (7.8 KB)
I would like to know if there is any way to set the fill pattern to no pattern, is this possible???

I didn’t immediately find anything for a “None” pattern, but I did not check the API.

Hello Nick, do you think you can me help finding this out???
It would be amazing if we could automate this.
Many thanks!!!

any help on how to set the coarse fill pattern in all my walls to none???

Some “help” for anyone who have the time/resources to dive into the API, then setting a Fill pattern with dots it should work the same way as setting a “0” as this is not drawn by the Revit engine:

@BIMadmin Please start a new topic