Change beam type in Robot - > transfer to Revit

Let’s say we have a simple structure of 4 columns and 4 beams, we transfer it to Robot using the direct link and apply loads and do our analysis. Our analysis shows that we need to use a bigger dimension of the beams, if I then change the beam type from lets say HEA200 to HEA220 in Robot, how do I transfer it back to Revit and update the Revit model so it has the new HEA220 beams without having to do it manually there?

From what I’ve read the direct connection maybe isn’t working and I wonder if Dynamo can do it?

Regards, Joakim

direct connection works you need to send it back to revit (in revit go to robot structural analysis link and update the model) you need to have the profiles (families) loaded to the project thou

Hmm yeah of course.
But let’s say I place an RC-beam at the end of a slab/floor, and align it to the corner.
When I later change the dimension of the beam, either the slab moves or the RC-beam is not still in the corner, it moves outside because it’s bigger.
Can I somehow lock so that its always aligned to the corner even if the dimension is changed?