Structural framing and cut length

Hi, I made a code to place structural framings. To get the full length without cutback I used Revitframe.disallowjoin and set value node. but still my framings have shorten length than the curves(input) I’ve tried to change the values but this approach didn’t work. Is there any suggestion?

use this
Element.SetParameterValueByNameTypeOrInstance – Dynamo Nodes

Hi, @robert12546358
Thank you for your suggestion.
I’ve searched for the node but couldn’t find exact same one.
Do I need to download any packages?
Or can I use the one in the picture?

Now I’m testing my script with the Element.SetParameterByName node.

“Rhythm” package download.

Hi, @robert12546358
Thank you for your help

But the node doesn’t work for this situation

show error.

[The parameter is read-only]
It happened in same way when I tried to adjust the cutback values through setvalue node. So, I used Dissallowjoin node from Structural Design package.