Change Angle of Air Terminal, based on Round Duct Diamter

Hi All,

I need some help, but first the scenario; i need to change the angle of my air terminals attached directly on my round duct.

So after my heating and cooling loads, i draw my duct and size according to results. I then need to change the angle of the air terminal directly on the duct based on the duct size. foor example if duct diameter is Ø400 then the angle should be 45 DEG.

I cannot figure out what nodes to use to get and set the parameters for me.

If i can get this automated using Dynamo it will save me such a lot of time!


Gary (trying my luck at Visual Programming and still going through the basics)

How do you normally set the angle on the diffuser? Would you manually rotate it?

I have added a parameter to control the angle for me. but in order for the angle to work as well, I need the Diffuser Length = Radius of Duct + 150mm. See attached. Will be updating the family with a few if statements in angle because I will be working with specific diameters and angles.


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