Change orientation of Duct tap beveled

Hi all,

I’m new in dynamo. When I draft air duct system, I found that Revit have not a tool to control duct tap beveled (duct junction) orientation. After connecting duct with duct, I must change duct tap orientation one by one. It is really difficult if having thousands of duct taps need to changing orientation. I wonder that whether dynamo can change duct taps orientation quickly? Can anybody help me?

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could you post ur files here or several screenshots at least ?

@phamthienhoa2014 Is this what you need?


Hi Kulkul,
Thank you for your help.

Hi Kulkul,

I checked your scripts . It is good in case rectangular duct. But in case round duct, it does not work. Can you modify it to use for round duct also.

Thank you.

Where I can download the script or the screen capture.Thanks