Center Room Tags on Room by View

I’ve got a simple graph that centers rooms and moves tags to the center point of the room, but the room tags move across the whole project. Is there a way to have it only work on certain views with the graph as-is, or do I need to reevaluate how I’m collecting and moving everything? Both of the nodes are from the BVN package.


You could Collect tags in view> Get room associated > center on room.
This uses a Rhythm node. :slight_smile: A while back I adopted the idea of flexibility in my nodes. Give my nodes the rooms you want to change, rather than my node making that decision for you.


and a GIF of it in action


That does the trick.

I’m guessing with the nodes that I have currently there isn’t a way to only affect certain views? I opened them up briefly but I haven’t quite managed to dissect it yet, especially the python segments.

I couldn’t say right off hand as I am not super familiar with his nodes. I can take a quick look though Might try reaching out to him too!

Quickly glancing at MoveToRoomLocation node, it looks like you could potentially build some logic in the node here (green note).

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