Center the room by level

Hi everyone it would be great for a little help,

The following link is a very useful trick to center the room, but I was wondering doesn’t any of you know how to center the room by special view? I can center the room tag by view, but I don’t know how to do that for rooms.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “special view”? A diagram might be helpful as well.

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Hi Nick! thanks for your reply. and sorry for the typo, I meant “specific view”, maybe I should elaborate more clear - How can I center the rooms only on the specific level that I wanted, for example, Basement or Level 1 or Level 15 or Roof level…etc. Because I am working on a tower project, I want to center the room only on the level I want…

Thanks for your help!

Try filtering rooms by level only. Then you can apply your room location point centering logic to just that subset of rooms.

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This is the original, seems like I still need to select the boundary of those rooms as well, do u have any idea how? :slight_smile:

Hi @Fai

Are you looking to move your rooms inside room?

HI @Kulkul

I am working on a tower which already have all the room and room tag inside the rooms. But I want to center the room tag for all the rooms, in order to do that I need to center the room first,

But thanks for your help!

Here is the .dyn file, it would be great if someone can have a look!

A sort of a work around, this would remove the tags you have and place new ones in the approximated center of the room polygon in the active view.
(D1.3) Center Room Tags.dyn (15.0 KB)



I cant open your dyn file. kan you upload it again? :slight_smile: