Center Room Object + Tags

So I have been trying to recreate something similar. I want to be able to select a bunch of elements with a cross selection and then have it filter down to just rooms before centering the rooms. I am not sure why the final node has an error on it now. Can someone take a look and see if they know the problem?

Hmm, what is the error you are receiving?

Room.CenterRoom Operation failed

I am currently trying to install the latest version as the version of rhythym I have currently is 2018.4.20. Maybe that will help…

Center Rooms and Tags by Cross selection.dyn (7.5 KB)

Thanks for the sample file, also can you share a RVT just to make sure I am “in the same shoes” as you for the tests

Updated Rhythm to 2018.12.4 and still getting the same error…

Any ideas John?

Hey @Jaysyn.quarry, I moved this to a new topic for you. Can you share a Revit file for me to reproduce?

If I run the selection node directly to the center room node and I only select a room it works…

Weird, I did notice that you had some added complexity to your graph that did not seem necessary. The node Select Model Elements of Category already filters the selection so you didn’t need the other portion.

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That same workflow is successful for me as well.

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But that selects all rooms in the project correct? I want to be able to only select a few at a time manually. At least that is what I am trying to do. There are times I don’t want to adjust all the rooms in the model. Am I barking down wrong tree here?

unfortuneatley @john_pierson my model is a project model with a confidential client. Let me create a quick new project and try it and if its the same ill attach that here…

Actually, that is exactly what this does. :slight_smile: It prompts you for a filtered selection by crossing window in a plan view.

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The “Select Model Elements of Category” is a node that allows you to ‘Select’ elements in the model of the Category defined. That is why @john_pierson mentioned the portion of your graph before it as unnecessary.

Oh. Let me give that a try here…

in the meantime, here is an example revit file to test. I get the same error in this while running the graph…Dynamo Graph Example project.rvt (500 KB)

Ok that does work. How do I set it up to allow me to run it several times in a row? After I run it once successfully I try to run it again to get a new selection set and it just appears to be reapplying it to my first selection…

Thanks for your guys’ help.

Another dumb Question: Is there any way to get the room and tag move in the same graph? Basically can I run the graph, cross select a bunch of rooms and tags, have the rooms move to the centroid first and then the tags move to the rooms all in one command? Longshot I know. =)

I have both working in one graph now where I have to set one to false and the one I want to run to true before running the graph. In essence I am having to run it twice. Not a huge deal but it would be cool if it would just do them both in order at the same time…

It is possible to do this, but gets more complicated because you have to make sure the model regenerates the rooms locations prior to moving the tags. I currently do this in two graphs via dynamo player. This also allows us to use them independently of each other for other uses.