Center elements on screen in Revit

Is there a way to center the monitor/screen in Revit on a element with a dynamo node / python script?

Basicly, I want to achieve the same effect that I get by clicking on the green label with numbers in dynamo, but in Revit.

So this: Center on screen
BUT in Revit by using the Dynamo Player and without opening Dynamo and the document itself.

The elements i want to center are TextNotes, which can´t be put into schedules and centered by “Highlight in Model”. (At least as far as I know :thinking:)

Multiple text notes won’t work, as they could be in multiple views or very spread out. Can you post your current graph indicating what you’re after so that myself and others can think up some possible solutions to your issue?

I know that, so I would like to center the found texts separately, one by one and not all at once.

What i´m aiming for is a Dynamo graph, which searches all texts with a given content and gives you the ability to center the texts separately in Revit.
And that while using the Dynamo Player.

It works to the point, where I have all the texts, as I need them, in a Watch Node.

So only two things are missing:

  • A node/python script, that centers a element (the same way it does, by clicking the green numbers of a watch node)
  • A node/python script, that either lets you choose which texts you want to center (e.g. by giving a list) OR lets you jump back and forth between all found texts (e.g. by pressing buttons on the keyboard)

My graph:
Center TextNotes.dyn (8.6 KB) (Using Clockwork, springnodes & archilab)

I added a python script, which gives the coordinates of the texts. Maybe that helps.

You should check out the Data-Shapes package…


Looks quite interesting. Might take a closer look and test around with it.

Works like a charm! :smile::+1:

This package is awesome.
Big thy to the dev.

If someone needs the working graph:
Center TextNotes.dyn (19.6 KB) (Using Clockwork, springnodes, archilab & Data-Shapes)

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