Ceiling Tiles

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I am trying to get the exact number for the tiles in the ceiling with different dimensions for example as picture below, I want the number of tiles for (600x600) and the number for tiles (600x450) and so on…

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I have developed a dyn. to solve this issue but each time I need to study any ceiling I should export it to CAD and explode it then import it again in revit and explode as model line then run the dynamo script so is there a way to create the model lines directly from revit like reading the ceiling grids in some how ?.

and this is the dyn. for any interested to see it, any help will be appreciated.
tiles.dyn (72.5 KB)

Thank you all

Hi @Mohammad_Nawar

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i am a bit confuse in counting tile from ceiling grid that created by using your script … recently i have got the model line curve based on the ceiling pattern … and can you please advise what to do next to count the number of tiles and cut tiles… with different dimension…
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Hi @Chicharito

If you follow the same script the I published in the other post you will be able to get surfaces the next step is to sort them based on size then count each set of surfaces. soon I will publish full solution about this topic.


Thanks @Mohammad_Nawar,

Btw, Is it possible to count the tile for below pattern … ?

To be honest I didn’t try for pattern, I am not sure if it’s readable in dynamo what I did for ceiling tile is something out of the box I recommend you to try and if you need help do let me know.

Hmm… so there is talk here of retrieving references from the hatch pattern…

Perhaps you could do some maths with the count?
Or maybe combine them with the element boundaries to give full and partial counts?