Tile wastage

Hi Everyone,

I have been using dynamo for a long time, but limited to only the nodes which are available.

I work for a contracting firm, we are not able to gauge the wastage and reuse of tiles. We did it manually a few time which is time consuming process.

I need to calculate the Tile wastage for a floor surface area and optimisze the layout to a min wastage or reuse all the tiles which are more than half.

first thing i tries was to extract the floor surafe and the surface pattern aplied.
Found out that , their isnt any way to extract the surface pattern of tile layout from revit to dynamo.

If any one has already worked on similar topic , kindly share the link

Any help regarding the topic will be appriciated.

Here you go

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Thank you Mohammad Nawar,

I used the same script and modified it according to my requirements,
Here is what i made of it.

Please do let me know if it can be made more simpler and could be integrated with Revit as an addin

Hi @preetesh

I am glad you could solve your issue, please upload the script to have a look on it. Good job :+1:



A_Tile.rfa (368 KB)
Tiles Counting_P_Test01.dyn (321.8 KB)

Here are the files.
i have also used the adaptive family to get the exact tile sizes, purpose being to know the resue of tiles

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Hi @preetesh,
Can you please share which package contains the Surface.DivideByIsolineGrid node.


Package name itself says
Surface.divide by isoline grid

i mean name of the package

The dynamo script i shared , works on first picking the surface and then picking the start point of the tile on the surface. With the Tile size mentioned.
Also looking for similar solution for staggered tiles