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Can anyone help in how to change the output of my python node so that Tags are recognized in Dynamo. Currently i am only outputting Elements.

Actually the node works with Elements, if you select a tag in the model and connect it to the node, it works.

It’s hard to say what is the problem if we don’t see the inputs, can you maybe post a full screenshots, with all previews visible, of a very simplified case?

Also it’s better to post the python code with copy/paste, select it and click on Preformatted Text button :wink:

Hi Lucam, I tried a test on a clean project just now. The node does not seem to work for Room Tags. My question is how to set a spatial tag (room tag) elbow etc using Python. Is there a “Set” method for, say, the elbow of a leader (see attached from API)? How would the syntax look in Python?
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Yes you are right, I did a test on a wall tag and it was working.

If you want to get the location of the room tag, in Python it should be like this:

tag = UnwrapElement(IN[0])
loc = tag.Location.Point.ToPoint()

About setting a spatial tag elbow, at the moment I have no idea. May I ask why would you need to do it for a room tag? Maybe there is a workaround

Hi Luca,
Thanks for yout time and help. I am also able to “get” the location, but it is the “set” location that is defeating me. It should operate as
It is purely a matter of switching out types of tags based on information within the space, and then the leader is no longer horizontal, and I would like to adjust this. It is in response to existing views that must conform to a company standard. I am thinking that the workaround would be to delete the tag and place it again? One does seem to have some control of the elements on creation.
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Paul Storm4

Ok, I see. I showed the way to get the location because in your topic you had problem with the node to get the tag postion.
To move the tag you need a XYZ that is representing the translation vector.
This is an example how to move the tag with a vector (1,1,0).

tag = UnwrapElement(IN[0])
vector = XYZ(1,1,0)


loc = tag.Location.Move(vector)


Instead of (1,1,0) you need to find the vector between your current point and the final point

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Hi Luca,
Perfect. I discovered the Tag.LeaderEnd also works. I will look at controlling the tag further tomorrow, and thank you very much for all your input (it is very much appreciated). :grinning:
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Paul Storm

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