Get item at index failing since update


Some of my scripts are failing because of the get item at index function since a Revit update. Bit lost under standing the error that its negative. Can anyone help? The UI.MultipleiInputForm is actually a common factor in the failing ones

My guess is that you need to enable levels on the get item at index. Can you provide a preview of the output from the UI++ node? Specifically looking to see the list structure.

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Tried at levels but still dosnt work

It’s weird that you’re seeing ‘function’ as the output from the datashapes nodes.

Can you Try a clean graph with multiple datashapes inputs like that, and see if the issue persists?

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Note that the last 4 inputs are disconnected and that the node is greyed out. That means it’ll act as a function object(has all or some inputs disconnected) and if you don’t consume the function objects, the node will just stay inactive doing nothing.

This usually happens when a package update adds new inputs to a node with a pre-set default value. By default, Dynamo will leave those default values as turned off on old graphs and it would be as if the inputs are disconnected. What you need to do to re-enable them, is right-click each input and check “Use Default Value”.


Thanks so much! can repair all my scripts!