Can't read parameters from Stacked walls in linked files

Hi all. I’ve been working on a definition to dimension walls. So far I got it working the way i want, with basic and stacked walls. The problem is I have to cover the need to do it with a linked file. I could get the walls from the file, but couldn’t read element type from the stacked walls in the link. In the non linked walls I can find the files from the walls that are part of the stacked wall, not from the stacked wall itself, and that’s ok. But the stacked walls from the link just gives me a “null”. Does anybody know how to accomplish this? Tried with nodes from Springs and SteamNodes packages.

Thank you in advance,

well, this was easier than I expected. just replaced the ootb element.type with the one from clockwork and it worked. Tried with the same node from rhytm package too but it didn’t work.