SteamNodes GetFromLinkedFile - Need Help

I’m trying to use the Element.GetFromLinkedFile node from SteamNodes. I cannot figure out what the inputs need to be. I get the “Category” part, but what are the inputs for Link Instance and Link Document? I try using the Category Selection Node with the category RVTLink, but that seems to not work (turns yellow). I would assume I need to get a list of all Linked File instances and narrow it down to one Linked File with a Get item at index or Select the individual Linked Files manually.

For the Link Document, what do I need to input? That is confusing to me. Do I need to put a filepath in there? If Ive already determined the Element Category I’m looking for and determined what Link File to look at, why do I need a 3rd input?

Hi Ben,

I’m not sure if that is the way Julien intended the node to be used, but this is how I personally use it:


You’ll need to get another package collection called There you will find the “Get Documents”. I’ve added the List.Create because the Julien’s node has a “List.FirstItem” and specifically expects a list for the document input. Also be sure to load your linked files first or the “Get Documents” node won’t be able to detect them.

Those are the element Ids from inside the linked file only, so you might experience instabilities if you try to manipulate them from inside the host file. Good luck!

Perfect answer Dimitar. I need to update this abit so it is more User friendly. Was done for internal purpose first. Goal is to get data from linked elements, as manipulation is not allowed in loaded linked files.

Thanks guys for the quick response! That is exactly what I needed.

Is the Get Linked Documents Node working 0.7.5? I can’t seem to get it to work using this method. I get error and null values at the code block.

Dynamo Error

Ok first of all I realized I was using the wrong “Get Documents” node. I got the one from the Grimshaw package now. Maybe I’m not understanding what needs to be in the Code Block brackets. Any help is appreciated!

this solution worked for me. Element.GetFromLinkFile node is from “SteamNodes” package. Get Documents is from “Grimshaw” package.

Dynamo Sheets from Link

Hi all! I am experimenting a similar problem with the same node. I can’t get any elements from the mechanical linked file (Ducts), while I can get beams in the structural linked one (Structural Framing). I tried all the categories without any success. Any idea of why it’s behaving like this? I found out that all the ducts in the linked file Element.GetFromLinkedFileare System Families. Could that be a problem?
Thanks in advance.

Hello everybody.

I would like to know if any of you could help me a little further.

I’ve got the following node working, however i seem to get a bit stuck here.

What i would like is to get the possibility to copy/paste from a linked file to my own file.

What would the next step be, i’m quite new to dynamo and can’t really get my head around this.

It would be okay if i had to manually copy/paste.


Well in this case you have some walls that you selected in a linked file. What you really need to do is to re-create them in your host file. To create a wall in using dynamo you need a curve and a wall type. You can get the curve from linked wall but you need a wall type that is loaded into your host file. Also keep in mind that curve location in host file might be different due to shared coordinates and if origins are in different locations.

I have a pretty simple implementation in my Bakery package too:



Meet this problem. Anyone help? How to get info from file linked?




I’m new to revit and dynamo and had used GetFromLinkedFile node to get wall elements from linked file. But would like to know if it is possible to get certain wall type as in input from linked file?

Many thanks for helping. ((:

Could anyone please share the node “Get Documents” and “Element.GetFromLinkedFile” of Archi-Lab? I cannot find it in

Thank you very much for help

Hi Hoc,

You need to install custom package (archi-lab) in order to get “Get Documents” node and also for your information “Element.GetFromLinkedFile” node is from steam nodes package.


Hi Kulkul, after several time of running this node “Element.GetFromLinkedFile”, I found out this node work only on for the first linked model. If the main model is linked with many other models, this node will reveal a big weakness. Can you instruct me to modify it, make it run on all linked model at once?
Thank you very much

You can try this:

Thank you, I’ll try it and let you know if it is ok for my using purpose. :smiley:

Hi all, I am trying to use this node but i get this error?

i go within the node and it is the input values that are Red. Anyone know how to fix this?

many thanks.

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