Can't Open Legacy Definition in Build

I hope this is not going to be a thing! How do you upgrade definitions to work in the latest builds?


In 0.7.0 we were not implement migration strategy which will allow you to open 0.6.3 graph in 0.7

In daily builds ( we have implemented that strategy so that you can continue working on your 0.6.3 graphs.



Hello Cody Winchester,

We have released Dynamo 0 .7.1, you can download it from Download page. (

Now you can open your legacy Custom Nodes, it will get migrate to 0.7.1.

If you see any problem then please do let me know.



Awesome! I just saw that on the board today! I will download and see. Looking forward to it!

Thanks Cody Winchester,

It would be great if you share your experience of using new Dynamo 0.7.1