Pre-2.0 Graphs Not Opening

Looking to who are already using 2.0. None of my pre-2.0 graphs will open with Dynamo 2.0. Is this to be expected? Or did I miss something on the installation.


What kind of workflows are they? Are there a lot of custom nodes in use?

Thanks @john_pierson for getting back with me.

It is literally everything. Some with some with all OOTB, some with all custom nodes but the majority with a combination of both.

If I select one of the example files, many of the nodes are not recognized.


If I search for the missing node (Number or Watch) and try to add it to the canvas, Dynamo will not let me.

The samples are the ONLY .dyn files I can open. Anything else just opens a blank Home.dyn screen.

Here is a sample graph that opens in 1.3.3, but not in 2.0

Attached is the original file.
ChangeViewTitleToSheetNumAndDetNum.dyn (31.9 KB)

Thanks for the help

@Benjamin_Doty1 please file this on our GitHub issue page:

please provide samples of files that work and those that do not with all necessary dependencies to run them.

it appears that even the sample file above opens in a strange state… which may point to a bad installation.

Run th FixIt tool to clean out the bad install when this happens. Make sure you’re pulling all dynamo stuff off the system.

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@Benjamin_Doty1 An issue has been filed here:

Please add more details on github, if possible.

Specifically, can you please provide the following:

  • operating system
  • revit version include point version
  • dynamo installed versions installed on machine (please look in the control panel)
  • your dynamo upgrade path

We suspect this is unique to your setup and likely a Dynamo installation issue.

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@Racel thanks for the update. I uninstalled Dynamo 1.3, 2.0 and Studio, then reinstalled and 2.0 graphs are opening fine now.

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Great! Thanks @Benjamin_Doty1