Can't make DetailCurvesFromCADLayers works, neither CurvesFromCADLayers

Hi, I’m trying to explote a CAD automatically with dynamo using these nodes, but none of them works for me and i don’t really know why?

(The goal his to keep the layers names from the dwg to the detail lines in revit, I succeed to explode with the explode node, but it explodes the import instance using only one kind of line style)

Any suggestion?

Is this @Thomas_Mahon’s BiMorph package nodes or Out-of-the-box ones?

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Sorry, i forgot to put the screenshot! forum

Can you show the error message above the node and provide a sample DWG file which triggers the exception? One issue I am aware of which is affecting some BimorphNodes, including the CAD nodes, is language limitations. Are you using English Revit? If not, then its most likely the cause of the problem. The next release of BimorphNodes will include multilingual support, due for release Q3-4.

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That’s probably the problem, I’m using the french Revit version.

Do you have an idea on how i could do it without using your nodes?

There’s LinkDWG package which I believe interacts directly with AutoCAD which may do this although I’ve never used it so you would need to investigate if it does.

There are also some plugins for Revit which might provide the same functionality - the only one I’m aware of is @Michael_Kilkelly one, but again I’ve never used it so perhaps he can provide some insights.