BimorphNodes Package Output Issue

I’m having an issue with the CAD.DetailCurvesFromCADLayers node output.

The node runs as expected and does what it needs to do, but the output of the node seems to be incorrect. When I run it on a test .DWG, the node creates 15 detail lines from the .DWG file, which is correct, but the node in Dynamo only reports 7 Detail Curves being created.

Has anyone else run into this issue?


Hi @Dan_Boghean

Can you post your test DWG? It sounds a bit unusual and there is nothing immediate which springs to mind that might be causing this. Any model curves output by the node in Revit should be the same curves you see in Dynamo.

It’s a pretty simple .DWG so nothing crazy. Just wanted to test the functionality.

See attached. Seems pretty peculiar to me as well as it is doing what is supposed to, just not spitting out the right information for some reason.

Drawing1.dwg (433.1 KB)

Everything appears to be working as expected when I test.

One line of inquiry I can see from your graph which may be causing problem (albeit highly unlikely, but worth mentioning for the purposes of troubleshooting) is your data structure. It seems like there is a lot of replication occurring based on the output of the node. One test you could try is to input a single import instance and a flat list of layerNames and lineStyleMap and see if you still get the error.

If that resolves it, then you’ll need to refine your data structure - it looks like you are working with rank 3-4 lists. As a general rule of thumb 1-2D lists (rank 1-2) should be sufficient for most graphs, and 3D should be sufficient for complex data structures. DetailCurvesFromCADLayers for example expects singletons and 1D lists and replicates (thanks to Dynamos VM) for higher ranks but if you dont need to replicate, then stick with simple data structures.

If you still have issues, post your graph and a sample Revit file which can reproduce the problem and I’ll continue investigating.

I tried feeding making sure all of the lists that are fed in are flattened but ended up with the same result.

I also tried a new graph replicating what you have, and I still only got the output of 7 lines in dynamo.

Could it be a version issue? We are on Dynamo and BimorphNodes 2.2.40

That would explain it - version 2.2.4 had a bug which appeared due to some refactoring which caused only one curve from a polycurve to be output (although, all curves are still converted) by the node. The reason why you get all the expected Detail Lines is because element creation in Revit is controlled by a transaction declared within the node which is committed to your document once it executes (i.e. its effectively a separate process from Dynamo).

The issue was fixed in BimorphNodes v2.2.5 - if you upgrade to the latest version on the package manager (v2.2.7) all will work as expected.

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