Can't get LoopWhile to work in Dynamo

Hello, I’m having a lot of trouble figuring out how loopWhile works.

The attached script is trying to duplicate a schedule view for each name in a list of names. The duplicated schedule gets the name from that list, and a filter filtering by the name in the list. When I fiddle with this script it either works for just the first name and doesn’t duplicate any more schedule views, or it will duplicate 3 schedule views (when my list of names is larger than 3) but not apply the right name or filter.

I feel completely stuck at what to try and get this working.

Hi @BIMbi

There is no attached script.

I had intended to attach a script but got the message that new members can’t do attachments.
And then it said I can’t even post yet because my account is so new. So I figured I’d wait until that gets cleared up and the post gets posted to edit and add my script.

I tried attaching the script to this message and it still said I am not allowed to.

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Thank you, although I had read that before posting to the forum.

How could I get access to attach files to my posts on the forum so I can share my script with others?

You can share your files with us via wetransfer for instance.
Send the files to yourself, share the link you receive here.

Awesome, thank you for the suggestion.
My script can now be downloaded at:

FYI: there have been some developments.

to answer the question from the other thread - use function.compose or a partially applied custom node.