LoopWhile Getting closer

I’ve gotten a bit closer in getting it to work.
This is my current script: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/224bb3039f1a5439314a78012562d47820190201160952/15372515b45ac6891d477dbf40b2d68b20190201160952/c5be43

My main problem now I think is that the function I want to repeat isn’t part of the loopBody so it only gets the final variable of the loop and not any of the first few outputs. But I can only have one lace into the loopBody, and the loopBody needs the integer adder to increment.

Any ideas on how to get the increment and the main series of functions to both be included in each loop of the loopWhile?

Please keep the conversation to a single thread. Opening a duplicate post with updated info slows down people who are looking at the wrong version of your graph in your old thread, delaying your help and wasting their time.

To help keep things together, I am closing this thread and linking your post to the other one.