Good day!
I am struggling with a node’s combination looping. My task is to replace a pair of similar templates.
For instance, I have a list of such pairs. So I want to make a loop to work with each pair individually, namely I bind views to updated template.
Unfortunately, I have tried a lot to make it
correct but nothing helps. I attach an image of my nodes.

In yellow brackets: Warning: List. GetItemAtIndex expects arguments of type (var, int), and the call is made using (Revit.Elements.Views.FloorPlanView, Function).

What can I undertake?

Will be so grateful for any help!

Hi @cool.inna-24 !
Not sure you need a loop while node to for that task.
The While node is useful when you need to add a result several times and stop the process by a condition (take a look at the dynamo dictionary for an example)

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Thanks, @Francois_Labonne !
What can I use instead of while-loop? Do you have any idea for that target?

Hi @cool.inna-24 !
I think you can reach your target by using only List.FilterByBoolMask.

Hello, @Francois_Labonne !
With List.FilterByBoolMask not everything worked, unfortunately. I solved my problem with a PythonScript node, just prescribing nodes manually.

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