Can't get any information from in-place family

I am trying to get information from an in-place family.
But i can only determine that it is an in-place family,
but when i want to get parameters or solids from it…i get empty lists…

does anyone else have this or am i doing something wrong.

Looks like you are processing the family, not a family instance or type.

Hi @Arno_De_Lange

Could you drop here rvt file?


the only thing that isn’t in the picture is the node element type which is set to family

:point_up: @Arno_De_Lange

Andreas i am not following you… i get the family in the watch node… there is only 1 inplace family in the project

sorry not reading correctly

No worries. But try to include the whole graph image when you post anyway. It really helps the person trying to help you figure it out.

For your specific issue, I think you should be working from the placed instances then finding out if it is an in-place family. @Andreas_Dieckmann was referencing being aware of what data type you are working with because Revit elements have different options depending on what data type they are.

  • Family Instance has instance parameters
  • Family Type has type parameters.
  • Family has access to how the family was made and things like that.

Check out the image below.