Can't create Revision Cloud from curve

Can any one help please, i don’t know what is the problem here

Do your curves lie on the supplied plane?

Yes, originally these are curves of floor sketch, and the plan is the level of the floor

If you would like to check the script, but it is very complicated as it is a coordination system i am trying to build, the main task is to detect the variations between the structural link and the architectural model.
So i am trying to detect the variation in the floor slab sketch and i need to put a revision cloud over it.
The script will not work with you properly because it us depending on a lot of packages and custom nodes of mine.

STRUCTURAL COORDINATION SELF CHECK-v1.6.0 (working for floors).dyn (863.0 KB)

I am not in front of a computer to check but I think sketch lines have their own plane. Try to pull the lines on the your plane.