Cant Apply View Template

HI all,

Im having real issues when trying to apply a view template to a new view in my project. My workflow is

  1. Create cropped floor plan from the rooms in the model
  2. Apply a selected view template

The views are created just fine, no issue, but i cant seem to get the view template to work. Any ideas on what i am doing wrong?
I have tried the archi-lab and steamnodes, but i cant seem to get it to work.

It looks like the views are not being created just fine. You’re getting a traceback error from your FloorPlan node. You might pull apart the custom node and see if you can find where it’s failing. Even if a view is being created, the python (I’m guessing) could being failing before the process completes, leaving you with a view and an error.

Hmm, not sure i understand. The views do actually get created in the file as expected, which is why I thought it was working, so i dont know what the traceback is doing. As the views were created, I oculdnt understand why the templates were notbeing applied.

Is it the traceback that is causing the issue?

The traceback error is the immediate issue because you are not supplying the ApplyViewTemplate node with any views.

My point with the views having an error is that the python code could be something like “do this, create view, do that” and even though the views are being created, the last part of the code (“do that”) is failing before the transaction can complete. So even though you created views the code fails and returns a traceback error instead of the newly created views. I would suggest pulling apart the node and looking at the Python code to see what is failing. Another option would be to collect your new views a different way so you’re not relying on the FloorPlan.ByRoom node.