The parameter is read-only

Hi All,

I am just trying to learn Dynamo and hope to get some help. I think I know the problem but I do not know if there is a work around.
I have this divided surface, and assigned to it a curtain panel. The curtain panels has “X2” as instance parameter. When I run dynamo to set new value for the parameter it flags an error “The parameter is read-only.”

My question: how can I override the read-only function!

Thanks - Zak

Hey Zak. It appears that you are trying to change a read-only value which can only be changed when you are in the edit mode of Revit. You cannot change a read only function from Dynamo. Perhaps, you can import values from Excel and change it through Dynamo.
You can find the tutorials here.

Hi nainoorpatel,

Thanks for your help. The tutorial you sent is really helpful and you are correct. I was trying to edit parameter values of curtain panel and that was in Edit Mass Mode.

But I found a good workaround which is editing the values while I am inside the Conceptual Massing environment. NOT in a regular mass family within a project environment.

Hey Zak,
Great to hear that I could be of some help to you. Please do let me know if you need some help in the future.

Hi @nainoorpatel,

Do you still have the video? I cannot view it