Cannot see package in browser? Way to reset?

I misguidedly saved a modification to an archi-lab node to try and identify an issue. This caused the definition to break in other places, so i uninstalled archi-lab.

when i reinstalled it, i no longer see the archi-lab package in the library. How can you reset this?? I’ve tried removing all the packages and adding them back from the package manager. Everything installs correctly except for archi-lab. the package manager shows that archi-lab is installed, but it’s not visible in the library.

I happen to be using Orkestra for some projects and i can see the archi-lab associated with orkestra when i change workspaces, so it seems like there’s some ~thing~ that’s preventing me from seeing archi-lab in my default configuration.

Is there a way to force dynamo to revert to the default settings (without reinstalling revit)?

What Revit version are you in? Archi-lab requires a specific way to install. Clicking on the hyperlink (archi-lab) takes you to a post where it is outlined.

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yeah … i saw that after i posted it. it’s in 2022, but i hadn’t had any issues with the install previously. i’ll look in the linked post :sweat_smile:

Archi-lab is special – you have to use its version number that matches the last two digits of your Revit version last two digits.