installs but not showing in Library - Revit 2022

I installed the Archi-lab,net latest version (2022.210.2419) for Dynamo 2.10 in Revit 2022 ( The installation was successful, but didn’t show in the library list. I had two other users try and they had the same result. One of the users found by going to manage packages, clicking on the three dots next to the package, choosing Publish and Publish Local, the package shows in the library. I was able to get it to show using that method.

I have installed the package in Revit 2020 and 2021, and it installs and shows in the library. Only 2022 is an issue. Looking at old posts, I saw issues with permissions (unblock) and using Dynamo sandbox as reasons for packages not showing, but none of those seem to apply here.

While it seems to be working for me, I would like to have it install correctly and be available without the work around. Does anyone have ideas for what might be going wrong?

Konrad explains the numbering system in the extra information of the package.

To help along with this transition I made this video demonstrating how to install the correct version for your Revit install:


Thank you John. Embarrassing to admit I actually read part but not all of that! Imagine…installing the correct version works!