Installed but not in list

Using Revit 2022 and latest version of Dynamo Installed 2022.210.2419 and shows it is installed, gave no errors when loading. Have shut down Revit and restarted many times but no cigar.

Any ideas what the issue could be?

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So far with the packages I have installed this is the only one I have seen use this kind of indicator.

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Publish local did the trick!

publish local is actually not the answer. :slight_smile:

@steven.jensen’s answer is the correct one. (and reading into Jacob’s link will result in that same conclusion)

You need to download the version (based on the version id) for your Revit version.


Thanks Steven for enlightening me, a guy needs to read the instructions :rofl:

Not so much enlightenment. More like experience on my part. I did the same thing and it took days to figure out.

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