Civil3D - Get Feature Line Name

Can someone help me find the Feature Line Name (in properties tab) within Dynamo?

I was unable to find a parameter using the ObjectExtensions.GetParameters node for Feature Line Name (as shown in Properties). I was able to find the selected Feature Lines “Handle” but not its name. Ideally I would like all these names for selected Feature Lines stored in a list. My script is checking that the max and min elevations are 9 feet apart. I want it to return a “Pass”/“Fail” check for each item in list and to return the name(s) of any feature lines that fail this test.

I have used these threads for reference, but have not yet been satisfied with a response to my question.

If anyone can help, that would be awesome. Cheers



Thank You, Paolo! This is exactly what I needed.

Sidebar: This is the first time I have ever posted on a public forum for help on anything. You were so fast to reply and I appreciate all the help you have given on other threads as well.


Welcome to the Dynamo community! :partying_face:

Thanks a ton!