Can you open dynamo without opening civil 3d or revit?

My question arises from a response from @c.poupin where you can see in his image that he has dynamo open without the need for revit or civil to be open?
a child winform

DynamoSandbox.exe is installed and runs, whatever your platform (activated or not, the last time i tried) i think. (not sure)


It’s likely Dynamo Sandbox, which is the standalone version. You can download it here.


I confirm I used Standbox for this example, I can’t hide anything from you. :upside_down_face:

Maybe one day we will have a DynamoSandbox web version :heart_eyes:


Thanks for all the answers, @c.poupin always attentive to all your answers are very useful
@Marcel_Rijsmus @mzjensen Thanks a lot.

For a brief albeit glorious moment in Dynamo history we did via a few beta portals. Soon after it became the Customizer or the “Send to Web” feature of Dynamo Studio, which allowed executing graphs on the web without issue. This feature had to be discontinued for a few reasons around 2018 or 2019.

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