Can we plot PDF without saving every PDF?

Hi guys,

this is a very common problem, I read recently how to plot pdf directly from dynamo using archi-lab package and it worked perfectly… but the same old problem occurs is that for example if we are plotting 10 sheets, we must save every single pdf.

any solution for that?

I created the script to plod pdf using the following topic:

If you want to print pdfs with the same sheet size - it is possible, but you have to make some changes to the python node inside archilab’s PrintPDF. If you want to print pages with different sizes - it is not currently possible I think. But if you have Acrobat (or equivalent program,or I guess there are online services for that) you can easily combine all the pdfs in one multi-page document.

hi @viktor_kuzev thank you for replying,

I want to print pdfs with the same sheet size but each sheet in a separate pdf not a combined pdf. if that is possible do you know how to modify the node script cuz am not familiar with python

thank you

You need to correctly setup your PDF printer so it won’t ask for saving every time.

hi @Tomasz_Puchala ,

how to do that with pdf settings?

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ohh that’s very simple and clear my bad,

thank you